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Ally Fogg, Mankind & the erasure of male violence

I quite liked the beginning of Ally Fogg’s latest piece, about the ManKind ad purporting to show the cruel indifference of the public to the silent plight of male victims of female domestic violence. I am not a fan of advertisements or public service broadcasts which purport to be scientific experiments. […] So while I’m more »

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Abuse is not…..something that men experience just as much as women.

(cross-posted with permission from Always Hopeful) Recently an advert from the organisation ‘Mankind Initiative’ who support male victims of domestic abuse has been doing the rounds. The advert concludes with the statistic that 40% of domestic abuse victims are men.You can read an article about the advert which contains a response to it from Women’s more »

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Victim Blaming by Oxford Mail

I rarely visit local news outlets online websites. A link to an article stating the outcome to the inquiry into Thames Valley Police’s failings regarding the Oxford child rape gang was tweeted into my timeline so I followed to the Oxford Mail’s website to read the decision about how the police failed to protect a more »

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Holding our politicians accountable

This week, Cheltenham Borough councillor Barbara Driver has stepped down after using the phrase: “(t)here is a saying and I’m going to say it: When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it” in reference to a new housing development. This misuse of language by politicians is not unusual. Victim blaming is. Eric Pickles allegedly told a survivor of child more »

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RAINN – when support services fail to eradicate victim blaming attitudes

http://time.com/30545/its-time-to-end-rape-culture-hysteria/ Over the years I’ve had some concerns about the dialogue surrounding ‘rape culture’ – mainly that it can be used to articulate a message around sexual violence that blames ‘lack of education’ or ‘social attitudes’ without interrogating the role played by masculinity and patriarchy. So when I saw an article about RAINN, America’s national more »

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PTSD, Domestic Violence, and Personal Responsibility

Cameron Hayhurst “pled guilty to assaulting his wife to the danger of (Caroline McGhee) life as he appeared at the High Court in Glasgow”. Lord Turnbull deferred sentencing for a year so that Hayhurst, who suffers from PTSD following a tour of duty in Afghanistan, so that Hayhurst can undergo “intensive treatment” and “prove he can stay more »

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Take action to reduce suicide that is attributed to the trauma of domestic and sexual violence.

We fully support the following petition and ask that all our followers sign and share it: In the latest Crime Survey (England & Wales) 7.1% of women reported experiencing domestic abuse in the last year. An estimated equivalent of 1.2 million. 52% of female victims reported that they had sustained non-physical effects as a result of more »

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A Petition to demand a fit-for-purpose record of fatal male violence against women

At Ending Victimisation and Blame, we fully support this petition started by Karen Ingala Smith demanding that the government create a fit-for purpose record of fatal male violence so we can stop reading media articles which suggest that the murder of women are “isolated events” which happen to a woman every two days in the more »

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Compulsory testifying for victims of sexual violence is always inappropriate

We are opposed to any laws, criminal or civil, which force victims of domestic and sexual violence to testify against their perpetrator. We believe that the justice system must put the health and safety of the victim first and that it is inhumane and unethical to incarcerate victims for refusing to testify. We are extremely more »

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Britain’s Youngest Mum was 11 years old [content note for child rape]

Tressa Middleton was only 11 years old the first time she became pregnant. When first reported, in 2006, the media repeatedly made statements about the father being a “neighbourhood boy”. The focus was on the girl; not the boy and not the circumstances in which an 11 year old child could find themselves pregnant. There was more »

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