Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse

Rape Crisis

Dapper Laughs & the demand to be “educated” about rape culture

‘Comedian’ Dapper has decided his perpetration of rape culture is the fault of the people holding him accountable. This is what we at EVB like to call male entitlement: the belief that others are responsible for your actions and that they should have ‘educated’ you better. If only women, and we need to be clear more »

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Our campaign demands for the General Election

These are the 6 issues we will be raising with the various political parties and our individual MPs. Some of these issues will be easy to implement – such as the insistence that no woman ever be denied support due to migration status – others requirement serious commitment by political parties to ending male violence more »

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The Reality of Ritual Abuse

Ritual abuse does exist and we are very pleased to see that the Metropolitan Police are taken the safety of children seriously. However, we are very concerned by the number of mentions on our twitter feed suggesting that this article in the BBC on the Met’s investigations were a joke or that it was an more »

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A Complaint to the BBC on coverage of the trials of Rolf Harris & Stuart Hall

(This was submitted via their online complaints site which has a limited number of characters) You have listed articles on the trials for child sexual violence of Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall and Freddie Starr under the heading of “entertainment”. These are not articles about entertainment. They are about 3 adult men charged with (or pending more »

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A week in journalism is a long time: the reporting of the trial and verdict of Max Clifford

As another high profile trial commences, with jury selection today (Tuesday 6th May 2014) for 12 charges of indecent assault allegedly committed by Rolf Harris, I would hope for better reporting than we have seen of the Max Clifford trial. This piece by Martin Robbins from the New Statesman on Saturday 3rd May, is without more »

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Holding our politicians accountable

This week, Cheltenham Borough councillor Barbara Driver has stepped down after using the phrase: “(t)here is a saying and I’m going to say it: When rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it” in reference to a new housing development. This misuse of language by politicians is not unusual. Victim blaming is. Eric Pickles allegedly told a survivor of child more »

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