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Nightmare Dystopian Present (Why Lionel Shriver Is Wrong About Rape)

It pains me to have to write this. I’m going to criticise Lionel Shriver, the author of We need to talk about Kevin, which is possibly my favourite book. It is brilliant. It is a literary tour de force. And yet Shriver, whose skills of perception and analysis of human emotion, dysfunction and motivation, verge more »

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Nick Conrad

There are days when I think journalists must live in a little community locked far far away from the people and issues they report on. I’m also pretty sure they must spend a lot of time reading their own notes and articles and nodding at their lovely jubbly cleverness rather than taking the nation’s pulse more »

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Responding to Rape Apologism in Women

This week we have seen a number of high-profile women supporting convicted rapist Ched Evans by suggesting the rape he committed was not violent (Judy Finnigan) and that we need nuance (Sarah Vine). We have also a large number of women using social media to defend Evans. We understand the temptation to respond to these more »

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Rape Culture in Action: A Response to a Comment

Normally, we simply hit the spam button when we receive similar comments to the one below. This one, however, manages to insert a number of rape myths into 3 short sentences. We have redacted the name of the woman from the post. We know it will be easy to guess who the post refers to more »

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