Everyday Victim Blaming

challenging institutional disbelief around domestic & sexual violence and abuse


Soldier who committed domestic violence given suspended sentence due to his ‘promotion prospects’

Ceiron Hack has a history of domestic violence. In July of 2015, after Ceiron made the choice to punch the television following an argument, his wife Brooke phoned Ceiron’s parents for support. They drove 300 miles. They drove 300 miles because Ceiron has form for head-butting and punching Brooke. Ceiron returned home at 2 am. more »

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Rape is never a “victimless crime”

Magnus Meyer Hustveit has received a seven year suspended sentence for repeatedly raping his ex-partner whilst she was sleeping for more than a year having pled guilty to one count of rape and one count of sexual assault. Hustveit thought it was a “victimless crime” because his partner was asleep at the time. The judge, more »

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