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Nick Ross

Sue Cook vs Nick Ross: The Tale of Two Crimewatch Presenters

We recently published an article about extremely problematic statements by Sue Cook: Sue Cook, Formerly of Crimewatch, says old, rich, famous men shouldn’t be accountable for child sexual abuse.  in 2013, we published numerous articles about Nick Ross, also of Crimewatch, who suggested that rape wasn’t really rape in certain situations: My Response to Nick Ross – more »

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TW – Celebrity comments.

I am normally a fairly placid person, I don’t like anger and I avoid conflict wherever possible. But I’m angry today and I can’t keep silent. There has been a plethora of people in the media who collectively fall into a bracket called “rape apologists”. Those people for whom “rape is not always rape”. They more »

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Nick Ross and the rape apologist’s style guide

This blog was originally posted here.  We have reproduced with permission from the author, Glosswitch. Nick Ross and the rape apologist’s style guide Say what you like about old-school misogynists, they’re no slackers when it comes to getting a style guide in place. No one knows where they keep it – perhaps in a cave somewhere, more »

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Nick Ross – If it looks like a duck & quacks like a duck…

This post was first published here.  We have reproduced it with permision from the author. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck Another Sunday morning, another article blaming women for men raping them in the Daily Mail. This time it’s Nick Ross, a very experienced journalist who for years presented more »

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Nick Ross: Rape isn’t Rape

Nick Ross, creator of the BBC’s Crimewatch, has just published a book about crime. He has published a brief preview in the Daily Mail today which is, essentially, a list of myths of violence against women which blames women for being victims of male violence whilst minimising male violence. What the Daily Mail article demonstrates more »

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Nick Ross – Myth Perpetuator

This article was originally posted here. We have reproduced with the permission of the author. Nick Ross: Myth Perpetuator Posted on May 26, 2013 by bloggingdame Talk to any victim of rape and they will tell you that not being believed was up there amongst the myriad emotions and fears they experienced as a result of more »

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