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Press make it clear women remain possessions of men – even in death.

Helen Nicoll, 53, was found dead over the weekend from a gunshot. Police are investigating and have arrested a 53 year old man. At this moment, no further details have been released officially. The media, however, have felt it necessary to refer to Nicoll as the possession of her husband.: Independent: Wife of Harley Street more »

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Man Kills Wife but it’s not his fault

John Knott killed his wife Ann and then committed suicide. According to the Daily Mail, Knott is not responsible for killing his wife due to ‘gipsies’. Apparently, the mere presence of travellers near their expensive house forced a “loving husband” to kill his wife. The Daily Mail outdid itself with misogyny and racism in this more »

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Reeva Steenkamp Was Not Killed By Love. It Was Domestic Violence.

Today, Oscar Pistorious was found Not Guilty of the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. A verdict of culpable homicide was delivered. In the lead up to the verdict’s deliverance, Mark Williams-Thomas wrote for British newspaper, The Mirror, stating that he believed Pistorious’s version of events. Furthermore, he used his article to comment on Pistorious’s love for more »

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BBC : “Husband murdered wife who left him”

“Husband murders wife who left him” – BBC News The murderer of Caroline Parry was her former husband whom she had left after enduring 27 years of abuse from him. The article gives examples of his extreme emotional and psychological abuse, controlling behaviour, and his obsessive response to her eventually leaving him to live with more »

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Ben Blakeley: A known and repeated abuser of women

Details of the cross examination of witnesses in the trial of Ben Blakeley have emerged, revealing once more the pervasive victim-blaming in cases of domestic violence against women. A known and repeated abuser of women Blakeley, 22, is on trial for murdering of his pregnant, 17-year-old girlfriend, Jayden Parkinson, in December last year. Blakeley, who more »

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Sympathy for the perpetrator, but not the victim.

A link to the article: “Arizona teen fatally shoots ex-girlfriend in murder-suicide: police” was sent to us this morning by a supporter. There are a number inappropriate words and quotes which culminate in sympathy for the perpetrator, Matthew Bolton (15), but not the victim Anastasia Greer (16). 1. The sub-heading refers to Bolton as “clean-cut”. more »

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Pistorius and Paddy Power – making a killing at the betting shop.

I have been watching the build up to the trial in the media of Oscar Pistorius who shot and killed his girlfriend through a locked bathroom door and will face trial tomorrow. That was horrifying me enough and I will write about the media glee at having such a “juicy story” to salivate over later. more »

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Filicide: An example of why our campaign is necessary

We have been sent a post recently which discusses the issue of men who murder their children, the act of filicide. It was sent into us in response to the news that Julian Stevenson had taken his own life, prior to his trial in France for the murder of both of his children. As an more »

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