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Le Vell

The CPS Barrister and use of the term ‘predatory’

We have been contacted by the CPS today, to provide us with the outcome of the investigation into the R v Wilson case, where the prosecuting barrister used the term ‘predatory in all her actions’ to describe the actions of a 13 year old victim in a sexual abuse trial. This is the statement issued more »

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Media Coverage of the Michael Le Vell Trial – Headlines

Headlines in the Le Vell Trial We have numerous concerns over the way the media has reported the Michael Le Vell trial. In this piece, we are looking at the way the headlines have supported a culture where “trial-by-media” and celebrity culture are more important that ensuring accurate representation of a trial or even ensuring more »

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On Michael Le Vell, and why arguing about rape is a waste of time

“Anyone making any sort of claim (need not be criminal) has the burden of proof. That’s Philosophy 101.” So went the crushing, irrefutable logic of some dude’s argument on the internet, that legitimate arbiter of things judicial, with regard to the demonstrable guilt of Michael Le Vell’s accuser. Her crime? Lying about rape. How do more »

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Not Guilty – does that mean innocent?

I’ve avoided the semi-celebrity child abuse / rape trial (or whatever soundbite you subscribe to) in the news this week, and to be honest have been struggling with my own issues, and not felt up to hearing about it. But the jury came back today with not guilty verdicts for everything, and twitter kicked off. more »

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Innocent until proven guilty?

This post was sent to us by email & the author wants to remain anon. A recent case in the news seems to have made everyone an expert in the UK Justice System. Comments such as ‘his life will be ruined’ are blatantly untrue – after all, Mike Tyson was *convicted* of rape and as more »

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