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Claire O’Connor

Her name was Marta Ligman. Not the “body in the suitcase”

The BBC really struggles with the whole idea that women have names, even ones who have been murdered. Instead, the BBC online news chooses to use dehumanising terms like “body in the boot”¬†for Claire O’Connor¬† “body in the suitcase” for Marta Ligman. Marta Ligman was a 23 year old woman whose body was found in more »

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Her name is Claire O’Connor not “the body in the boot”

Claire O’Connor was brutally murdered by her partner Aaron Mann who then kept her body in the car. According to the BBC, this makes O’Connor “the body in the boot” and not an actual human with a name. Granted, the BBC did manage to remember to include the salient information that Mann had a history more »

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