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Children’s Services

Children’s Services & Child Sexual Exploitation

Following on from the Jeremy Forrest case, I’ve decided to write about a case I worked on, when working for children’s services. The child in need was 12 years old, and was described by her teachers as dressing ‘provocatively’ and behaving ‘inappropriately’ with male teachers. Some background – the child was resident with dad, and more »

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Victim Blaming, Language & The Media

The evidence given at the Old Bailey in the latest child sex abuse ring trial was so horrific that some reporters on the Press benches estimated they were able to report only around 15 per cent of it in any detail. The case was not unique. Beyond the sheer brutality of the physical abuse, one more »

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Clare’s Law – will it really help women fleeing violence?

This post was first published here in April 2013 – thanks to author for allowing us to cross post. The most recent Independent article on this subject can be found here.   Trigger warning: discussion of domestic abuse and violence against women, including some common scenarios   At the weekend, I read an article in more »

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“I don’t believe it!”

I author a website concerned with child to parent violence: holesinthewall.co.uk. You might be interested in a post, written in January 2012, entitled “I don’t believe it!”. This discusses the way parents are not only held responsible for the abuse they suffer at the hands of their children, but are also sometimes directly punished for more »

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