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It wasn’t rape

It wasn’t rape,
Because I didn’t say no.
I was to blame,
Society tells me so.

It wasn’t abuse,
Because it was never seen.
He isn’t a peodophile,
Because I was fourteen.

In my first memory,
I am nine.
He grins at me,
And says, “you’re mine”.

The years that follow,
Brought pain, fear and shame.
I thought it was love,
But to him it was all a game.

I stayed silent,
Like he told me I had to.
Until at sixteen I broke down,
Spoke out and didn’t know what to do.

That’s when the hell repeated,
The police questions,
Tears, loneliness,
And doctor’s examinations.

I was a fantasist and a liar,
Out to destroy a life.
I was put on trial,
And called a bitch by his wife.

Through a TV screen,
They watched me cry.
Found him not guilty,
And said it was all a lie.

It wasn’t rape,
Because I didn’t say no.
I was to blame,
Society tells me so.


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