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Women and girls shouldn’t go out at night. To avoid being raped.

Some time ago a rape occurred here on a footpath leading through an estate to a playing field. The victim was a young woman and it was 6pm.

The offence was reported in the free press and the young male police officer was asked what advice would be give.

He said women and girls should not go out alone, take short cuts , or be out after dark ( it wasn't dark at 6pm) in order to prevent rape. The man may strike again.

I complained to the police as a professional working in the field. Senior officers were appalled.

But unless junior officers have the knowledge, skills and awareness to avoid making such crass statements to the press, they should not be allowed to speak to the media at all.

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One thought on “Women and girls shouldn’t go out at night. To avoid being raped.

  • Admin says:

    Thank you for this – we find advice around ‘not getting raped’ is appalling from professional organisations like the police. They say we should ‘take precautions’ but hey – if men didn’t rape us, we’d not NEED to! Have you any suggestions on the language that should be used? Suggestions will be compiled and everntually, with enough of your support, we can affect change.