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Victim blaming of people with mental illness

This article I read today, by a man who suffers from depression, basically re-iterates the prevailing view that depressed people are "narcissistic", that suicide is selfish, and that it's possible to cure oneself of suicidal impulses simply by ruminating about how selfish suicide is.

No other category of illness inspires victim blaming the way mental illness does. First people deny its existence, and when they finally admit it does exist they then blame the people who have it and tell them to stop being so self-absorbed and just snap out of it. The stigma is so strong that people with depression learn to stigmatize themselves and others who suffer from depression.


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One thought on “Victim blaming of people with mental illness

  • Admin says:

    Thank you for your post, MK. We agree that mental ill health is stigmatised and suicidal ideation/attempts/completion are acutely stigmatised. It is a very important belief to challenge as the consequences result in internalising stigma, silencing, blame and demonization.