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This is Rape Culture

National-Pub-Watch-Telling-a-Joke-776x1024This is rape culture. It isn't funny. It isn't clever and it is not the fault of the man who drank too much.

Anyone who thinks it's acceptable to do this to someone who is vulnerable, and then film it is an arsehat. It is bullying behaviour and is what underpins rape culture. There is a reason that the two budding 'filmmakers' are women. If it had been men, we would have recognised that the unconscious person in the bathtub is vulnerable to rape. This ad only inverts the traditional victim-blaming. It encourages the belief that all rape victims are responsible for being victims. It also implies women are as likely to commit sexual violence as men which isn't true.

We need to ban these images. They serve only to harm victims.

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One thought on “This is Rape Culture

  • Admin says:

    We had a tweet about this from a pub landlord, who said the poster was produced by DrinkAware, and that they were looking at removing it.

    We will update this post if we have any further updates about it still being in circulation, or confirmation that it has been removed.