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Tell it like it is (Rape Name Change)

Changing the word rape to non-consensual sex won't change how good or bad the police do their job, it won't change the quality of evidence or witnesses, it won't change a judge or jury's thinking.

So would rapist become a non-consensual sexist? or is he just 'an accused man'? The problems with getting successful convictions are not down to a word/description. Murderers aren't non consensual deathists are they? Armed robbers aren't non consensual money pinchers are they?

When we have a successful prosecution, let's label him a rapist.

Let's tell it like it is!

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One thought on “Tell it like it is (Rape Name Change)

  • Michaela says:


    Please read my recent submission to the website http://www.everydayvictimblaming.com/submissions/why-is-my-rape-not-acknowledged/#comments

    I for one would welcome the word rape to be changed to non consensual sex as this would mean women who force sex but can not legally be charged with rape – like my mother would not have their equally damaging crimes minimised. My mother would be charged with assault by penetration not rape. This suggests that even though she had sex with me and my brother against our will as children can not consent her crime isn’t as bad as my fathers. He’d be charged with rape as forced me to have sex. Why does rape only apply to men as women can and do force others to have sex. There was once a rape crisis campaign that stated no consent equals rape. Not that black and white as my mother never had consent and legally it wasn’t rape.