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.@Telegraph blames a child for her sexual exploitation

Just to be clear I'm a single working parent with gcse's in English and no higher english qualifications. I saw this headline and could tell straight away it was wrong and contributing to the victim blaming attitudes prevalent in society. It is a massive cause for concern that your journalists and editors can't see this.

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Children are not the ones responsible for their own abuse. They do not seek our predatory men to exchange illegal photographs of their naked bodies in order for abusive men to be turned on by child sexual exploitation. Men seek out children for this purpose. Men go onto Facebook and befriend children. Men ask children to take "naughty selfies" and swap like good pals. Children are sucked in, abused, exploited and hurt. Even when they do "all the right things" go to the police, give evidence, help secure a conviction the children and their families hurt by these predatory men are still re victimised and further blamed for their own hurt by you. The press need to own the consequences of this kind of reporting.

Victim blaming is not clear enough label for you as you've been told this before. It is hateful, spiteful and aggressive towards the child herself, her family and everyone who has ever been hurt by the abusive men who choose to seek out and exploit children for their own sexual gratification.

You are guilty and should be ashamed for ever allowing this headline out. In addition to just putting it on your website you sent it via email to me and I have no idea how many other survivors. Fix this. You can even use Wikipedia like I did to learn about subject verb object.

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