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Slapping the Goat

Dear Sarah Vine,

Re: Your article on Lord Rennard, I’m not sure where to begin! You do offer the solution of a woman slapping him on the wrist, if he or another man made an unwanted advance? Yes Sarah, that’ll stop a guy. Won’t think twice next time he sees a not-quite knee length skirt. He’ll remember that tap he got.

To be fair, you did mention the more physical option of a Chinese burn. I think that might work…..

NO IT WON’T…Sarah…this is important. You list 4 occasions of impropriety. Were there more? More unreported? This behaviour is not acceptable, and sends the wrong signal if your answer is to throw a glass of Chablis over him.

Hopefully this event will have taught him a lesson, but please don’t promote options for men to basically get away with this kind of thing, as it sends a very dangerous message.

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