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Media surprised that ‘normal’ men are rapists.

4 British sailors have been charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm and group sexual assault whilst in Halifax, Canada for a hockey tournament.

CBC News was shocked to discover that these 4 British soldiers did not decorate their social media sites with statements like "I'm a rapist" but that

(t)heir social media posts show them doing fairly average things ... visiting different parts of the city and remarking about the weather.

Some of the four men - Craig Stoner, Darren Smalley, Joshua Finbow, and Simon Radford - even have a girlfriend and one is married.

Apparently, the CBC has missed the fact that sexual violence isn't perpetrated by a sub-species early humans still running about the planet, but 'normal' men - the very same category of men who perpetrate the vast majority of violence (in all its forms). Instead, the CBC chose to perpetuate rape myths whilst implying that these 4 men must be innocent because they don't behave the way that rapists should behave (running about in dirty macs with big sticks clearly).

How can an investigation into multiple perpetrator rape by undertaken appropriately when the media is already writing excuses for the four men? Media coverage like this colludes with rapists and puts women and children at further risk. This isn't responsible media - it's a guidebook on 'How to commit rape and get away with it".

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One thought on “Media surprised that ‘normal’ men are rapists.

  • anne-marie caluwaert says:

    How is anyone going to take ‘rape’ and ‘sexual violence’ serious when we all know that the biggest ‘bestseller’ of recent times is a book with the title: 50 Shades of Grey? Where sexual voilence and rape is glorified as if ‘it’s normal sexual behaviour’ and the hero is a predator who has enough money to woo his victims into his web of voilence selfish interest – written by a middle age woman who is old enough to be a mother and grandmother? Just saying….