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David, What Type of Headline is This?

David, what type of headline is this?



Dear David,

I write to you in reference to the front page of The Sun, pictured above, published on 30th June 2013. The headline reads:
Firstly David I'd like to clarify, just in case you weren't aware; a child cannot groom an adult into a sexual relationship because the power dynamic always lies with the adult.
The cynic in me would consider the way this young woman has been given a platform on the front of your newspaper to be a form of grooming in itself!
Encouraging her to think the power lies with her, when all along you are procuring the story you want through the most insincere means possible; by making her think it was her idea! Lucky I’m not a cynic.
Anyway, hopefully you can understand that the way the sun has presented ‘the facts’ on this case looks suspiciously like this young woman’s behavior is the one being taken in to question, not that of the man who groomed her.

Incidentally when you turn to page 7 the article does seem to take on the persona of an erotic novel, hopefully you can see this is an inappropriate way to present the statutory rape and abuse of a minor?

Finally I’d like to ask what message was the Sun trying to convey with this reporting?
I'd really love to hear your thoughts.
Please send your reply to afeministe@gmail.com

Many thanks.

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