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@BestMagTweet and the Talk & Walk Campaign

I knew there was more than one reason that Bests Talk and Walk Campaign makes
me uncomfortable.
Its a campaign to raise awareness of domestic abuse.
Yet on the editors page of last weeks issue was a picture of Denise Welch
before she started her recent diet,under the caption "Who ate all the pies
Denise was carrying more than a spare tyre back in May"


If a man humiliated and bullied his wife in public like this it would quite rightly be seen as
abuse. So why is the same magazine that is running a campaign against this very
issue bullying a woman for her looks like this?

It is contradictory It gives out mixed messages and is perilously borderline close to gaslighting.

Why is it ok for Best magazine to bully humiliate and try to shame a woman for her looks
(when that is one of the things that abusers do) while claiming to care about
domestic abuse?



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4 thoughts on “@BestMagTweet and the Talk & Walk Campaign

  • Alison says:

    I totally agree with you Liz, which is one the reasons I don’t read any these magazines. I am SO fed up of all this shaming of women and you’re right, it is abusive behaviour.

  • Elizabeth. says:

    Thanks Alison. I dont normally buy these horrific celebrity weeklies either. I bought Best last week though to find out more about this campaign.
    Its the hypocrisy i cant stand. Abusing and shaming a woman on their pages and then claiming to care about domestic abuse.
    A campaign to raise awareness is a good idea if executed correctly but a celebrity magazine is the wrong launchpad for something like this because of the mysogynistic attitudes that always lie within their pages.

  • Admin says:

    We’ve had a response from Best Magazine about this post – this is the email they’ve sent to us, we have published it with their permission.

    Dear Elizabeth,

    We wanted to take the time to respond to your post about Talk & Walk campaign, and the comments you made about the caption accompanying the picture of Denise Welch in last week’s issue of Best.

    Firstly, we’d like to make the point that we were full of nothing but praise and admiration for Denise’s commitment to getting her body to a shape she was happy with. She has said many times in the past how unhappy she was before, and we are very supportive of her, as we are of all women of all shapes and sizes. You only need to look at this week’s issue to see that we celebrate the likes of Dawn French and Supernanny Jo Frost amongst others.

    We accompanied the image of Denise on the contents page with a very lighthearted caption that reflected what she has said herself in the past about her shape.

    Finally, we are committed to our Talk & Walk campaign which is aimed at helping women who are systematically emotionally and physically abused by their partners.

    With best wishes
    Acting Deputy Editor

    Laura Millar

    Best magazine

    National Magazine Company

    33 Broadwick Street


    W1F 0DQ

    tel: 0207 339 4469


  • Elizabeth. says:

    So if someone isnt very confident about their shape its a green light to pile on and join in with it? I hate to have to point this out but that is something that abusers do.
    It is still hypocritical to criticise and humiliate a woman for their looks while running or launching a campaign against domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is not just physical it is also emotional psychological and financial.
    Many women who have been emotionally abused by their spouse or in some cases another family member (because domestic abuse isnt always/only perpetrated by a partner) do end up being abused for the way they look by their partners/family members as part of the abuse. Is it ok for the abuser to do that as long as their spouse has said they themselves dont like that part of themselves then? Is it then ok for the abusive partner to then say “oh it was only a joke? I was only being light hearted. Because the terminology for this is gaslighting. And Best if you cannot see this connection then you are simply the wrong people to be running this campaign. The celebrity culture is full of mysogyny and mysogyny feeds into the attitudes of people who perpetrate domestic abuse. You cant have this both ways.