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£50 Donation for a student to design our logo!

Thanks to a very generous supporter, we have a £50 donation to fund an art or design student to design us a logo.

We're not hugely sure what we are looking for, so we have included some key words and colours as a starting point for a design brief.

Key Words for our campaign:




Holding together









Working together

Social Justice

Proportionate & Fair Criminal Justice


The chosen colour would be purple (or colours in that range)

It needs to be easily transferable onto other items, such as T-Shirts, so nothing with too much detail that may get lost if it has to be shrunk or expanded to fit.

We need it to be bold and reflect our collective nature.

When it's finished, and we've passed the £50 donation onto you, we need own the use of the logo and be able to use it on whatever we choose.

If you can help us with this, please contact us by email - everydayvictimblaming@gmail.com

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One thought on “£50 Donation for a student to design our logo!

  • Admin says:

    Many thanks to everyone who responded to this request, we’ve engaged a designer and we’ll let you see the logo as soon as it is completed!

    Thanks to all our wonderful supporters 🙂