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April, 2016

Associated Press will no longer be using the term ‘child prostitute’

We are very pleased to see that Associated Press now recommends that writers not use the word ‘prostitute’ to refer to children or teenagers who are forced into sexual exploitation following successful campaigning by the Human Rights Project for Girls (@Rights4Girls). There is no such thing as a ‘child prostitute’, ‘teenage prostitute’ or ‘underage sex worker’. more »

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UN: “Sex with children is prohibited”

We’d like to say we’re shocked by this poster at a UN compound in South Sudan, but we’re not. It is no different to many other poster campaigns created by police forces across the globe: minimisation of language and failure to name the problem. Perpetrators. Perpetrators of sexual abuse, rape and murder in war zones more »

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bullying hate crime police not being believed making out im crazy.

this is how powerful the Merseyside police are I know now that their are no honest police officers in Merseyside police force and how they bully intimidate victims of crime especially when you go to the IPCC commission to complain about police conduct when they didn’t believe you because a crime had been committed. The more »


We fully support this petition from Samantha Asumadu and Guilaine Kinouani to the UN demanding accountability for abuse, rape and murder perpetrated by UN troops, particularly the recent allegations raised by AIDS-Free World’s Code Blue campaign who found a litany of child sexual abuse perpetrated by UN and French troops in CAR. PETITION TO: UN, BAN KI-MOON more »

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