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February, 2016

Just another example – in Australia – relating to revenge porn & classic victim blaming

A link to this article on a so-called “revenge porn” inquiry in Australia was submitted to our site. We don’t use the term “revenge porn” as it implies that people who release intimate images videos without consent are entitled to ‘revenge’. The release of these images is sexualised violence. There is NOTHING that a victim more »

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Saying NO

My parents’verbal abuse nearly destroyed my ability to say NO.Or so i thought,until today.I was sitting quietly on a bench in the park,breathing fresh air and meditating.Suddenly,somebody i knew (only by having exchanged a few words briefly in the past) approached me and starting questioning me,disturbing my solitude.She asked me about my full name,why i more »

“Who is Daniel Holtzclaw” : on media taking responsibility for supporting rape culture

Today, we were sent a link to an article about convicted rapist Daniel Holtzclaw in SB Nation, which is an online sports media brand. The article had been removed owing to its appalling content. The formal response from SB Nation is as follows: We’ve seen media pull articles before but not a response quite so more »

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“2 dead in Warner Robins Valentine’s Day domestic dispute”

Whilst our campaign is UK focused, we do cover appalling misrepresentations of domestic and sexual violence and abuse internationally. This particular article is from a US publication that includes every single thing that is wrong about media coverage of cases of murder-suicide starting with the fact that it refers to murder as a “domestic dispute”. As more »

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.@ecotricity “responds” to concerns about their support for Julian Assange

ADMIN: Following legal discussions with legal representatives of Ecotricity, we are publishing this statement:  “Ecotricity’s tweet regarding Julian Assange on 5 February 2016  mistakenly gave the impression that Ecotricity appeared to support rape culture, which it does not.  Ecotricity were unaware of the legal circumstances of Julian Assange’s various court appearances in the UK or more »

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.@TheSun confuses rape with a “romp” (via @EverydaySexism)

The inquiry into the death of Cheryl James at the Deepcut barracks is ongoing. The Sun has chosen to refer a serious allegation of the sexual harassment and attempted rape of James as a ‘romp’. We urge people to take 5 minutes to make a formal complaint to The Sun about their misrepresentation of sexual more »

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Things which are not “affairs”: the case of Adam Osborne.

Dr Adam Osborne, brother of George, has been struck off the general medical registrar following investigations into his behaviour with a female patient over a period of two years. Osborne was treating a female patient for depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome, who also problems with self-harm and substance abuse. He made a choice to more »

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The lack of morality in the beautiful game

Hello, as EVB’s roving sports reporter it’s impossible for me not to cover the Adam Johnson child rape trial. For those of you who don’t know Adam Johnson is a footballer who plays for his hometown team of Sunderland AFC. Now it’s no secret here that I’m a complete Newcastle United fanatic, as I am more »

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