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December, 2015

Bedford Police #rightchoice campaign holds victims responsible for domestic violence

Bedford police are running a ‘prevention’ campaign for both domestic and sexual violence and abuse. We’ve previously written on how their #rightchoice campaign blames victims of sexual violence and abuse for making ‘bad choices’ whilst erasing the perpetrator. Bedford Police are also blaming victims of domestic violence and abuse for the choices of the perpetrator. more »

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Bedfordshire Police (@bedspolice) blame victims of rape for not making the #rightchoice

  We can’t quite work out if this poster is the quintessential example of misogyny we’ve seen this year, seriously stupid or both.¬† There are two ways to read this poster: The man at the back is the rapist who has all the sad feelz before being held accountable for being a rapist. The man more »

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South Yorkshire Police (@syptweet) conflate rape with eating too much chocolate

Three days ago, we started a survey asking people to comment on the 5 worst offenders we’ve seen in police ‘safety’ campaigns.¬†Clearly, we started the survey too early as our twitter feed contained contributions from Bedfordshire police and the following from South York Police using the #noregrets hashtag. These are actual tweets using the #noregrets more »

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mommy dearest

I was contacted by a anouther women who has been abused by my brother , financially and emotionally. I’ve learned that he grooms women by presenting himself as the most amusing , charming and helpful person in the room, when the truth is he’s a compulsive, manipulative, deceitful abuser of women and a fraudster, a more »

The BBC: still using the term ‘child porn’

Here we have the BBC, once again, using the term ‘child porn’ when they mean ‘still or video images of children being sexually abused, raped, and tortured. Peter Allott, who is the deputy head of St Benedict’s Catholic school in Ealing, has been charged with “possessing, showing and making category A indecent images of children”. more »

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