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October, 2015

The closure of @EavesCharity

We are devastated by the closure of Eaves: a charity dedicated to supporting some of the most vulnerable women. They were one of the few avowedly feminist organisations and one which made it clear, over and over, that men’s violence against women and girls are both a cause and a consequence of women’s inequality. Eaves closure comes more »


next of kin 2

as if its not bad enough that englands ever so polite, wales police wrote on my file “only complaining to get compensation” no i.r recorded. I thought they might want to cross reference other complaints about the same old man, or maybe his other victims, maybe like my brother. who has extensive criminal history. my more »

Victim blaming

Have had the most horrific experience today involving abetting with a group Of professionals. Having had stalking and violence for the past 20 months. I was told by the chairperson that I need to stop playing the victim and get stronger about the intimidation my ex continues to display. I was accused of not moving more »

Criminalising women for failing to testify in cases of domestic violence makes a mockery of the justice system

A young mother in the state of Florida has been sent to jail for contempt of court. Her crime: failing to appear at the trial of her former partner despite being subpoenaed. A video of the hearings has been released. Yahoo News claims it shows the mother “emotionally pleading with a judge as she is more »

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11 year old boys cannot consent to sex with an adult

According to coverage in the Guardian, Jade Hatt has been given a “six-month jail term suspended for two years with supervision”, placed on the sexual offenders registry for 7 years and received a ” sexual harm prevention order banning her from having unsupervised contact with young boys for two years”. Judge Tim Mousley QC made the more »

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#PeepleApp puts actual people at risk of harassment, abuse, stalking and violence.

We woke up this morning to a Twitter feed full of women raising serious concerns about a new app called Peeple, which gives you the opportunity to rate people from 1-5 and write reviews. If this weren’t concerning enough when considering cyberbullying, users can upload profiles for other people using their mobile number. The owner more »

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