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September, 2015

This is male entitlement: why domestic & sexual violence are gendered issues (content note for extreme violence)

Every time we tweet about male entitlement and male violence, we hear two things a) not all men and b) women are violent too. We need to be clear here: the vast majority of violence is committed by men. Street violence is usually committed by men against other men. Domestic and sexual violence and abuse more »

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Black Dot Awareness Campaign: Irreparable Damage

This article is cross-posted with permission from PeaceandCrackers. Tonight this awareness campaign appeared in my Facebook feed: Black Dot Awareness. I am incredibly thankful to Snopes.com for already knowing and writing about this so we can understand better what it is about.  As someone who is a survivor and has studied domestic violence, intimate partner violence more »

Our concerns with the #blackdotcampaign

We have been aware of the Black Dot campaign, which asks women living with domestic violence to place a black dot on their hand if they would like others to reach out to them, since it was founded. We have chosen not to speak publicly about the campaign until this weekend as we understood that it more »

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Join the dots

My experience of domestic abuse shapes and identifies me as much as my fingerprints do. Fingerprints, however, are unique to the individual, domestic abuse is not. Since I have walked the path of abuse, journeying away from the perpetrator and towards freedom, I have met so many women who are also victims. It is like you’ve suddenly opened the more »

Patrick Kane: Another athlete under investigation for rape. This time it’s the Black Hawks fault.

Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane is currently under investigation for rape. As we see with all athletes accused of violence against women and girls, as with Ray Rice, excuses are already being made for Kane. According to an article in the New York Times,  National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettmen has already labeled the investigation “unfortunate”, proving that he more »

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Eaves declares “Women in Crisis” after a 70% increase in demand for services

This is a press release from the organisation Eaves. We support every statement below: In the wake of the passing of their recent Chief Executive, Denise Marshall, Eaves has condemned the onslaught on all areas of women’s lives. “We have seen a 70% increase in demand for services in the first six months of 2015 more »

Man abducts 18-year-old Tinder date from the streets to make a point about online dating

A YouTube ‘prankster’ has abducted an 18 year old girl he met on the dating app Tinder to make a point about online dating. The Metro coverage of this incident suggests its “on the extreme side”. This ”prankster’ has stalked the daughter of a friend online and then he and another male dressed in balaclavas grabbed her more »

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No woman deserves to be raped. Ever.

No woman deserves to be raped is a statement that should need no qualifier. Every day we see excuses made for perpetrators and women, children and men blamed for their experiences of domestic and sexual violence and abuse. We highlight inappropriate, offensive or misleading language presented by the media. Despite our daily experiences of victim more »

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