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May, 2015

Josh Duggar, child sexual abuse and rape culture

We’ve been watching media coverage of the child sexual abuse allegations raised against Josh Duggar all week and are increasingly concerned by the media’s complete lack of concern for the victims. Josh Duggar, whose parents rose to fame with a reality television show about their 19 children, has recently resigned from the deeply homophobic Family more »

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This is why Martin Daubney is wrong about “laddism culture”

It’s safe to say that we are not huge fans of Martin Daubney at EVBHQ what with his insistence on dismissing sexual violence as girls and women “over-reacting” and moaning about how men aren’t allowed to say hello to a woman without being arrested. Daubney believes women-only spaces are “reverse prejudice” and that there is more »

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Kent Messenger promoting domestic violence myths

The Kent Messenger has written the most extraordinarily sympathetic article about a man who fractured his girlfriend’s cheek. Apparently because this guy Adam Chandler can sing and was about to hit the big time on Britain’s got Talent, we’re all supposed to feel sorry for him, even though he hit his girlfriend so hard in more »

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#SayHerName – Black Lives Matter

We’ve rounded up some of the media coverage of #SayHerName #BlackWomenMatter protest. #SayHerName: Resisting Police Brutality of Black Women #SayHerName: Black Women And Girls Matter, Too via @blackvoices #SayHerName: Families and Social Media Rally for Justice in the Police Killings of Black Women via @TheRoot BlackOUT Collective’s Powerful Statement Honoring Black Girls and Black Women’s Bodies and more »

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Media spotting patterns when it suits them

Newspapers are notoriously bad at spotting patterns. Perhaps you can do better. On Tuesday, courtesy of the Daily Mail’s Manila correspondent, we were treated to a piece of the most appalling racist polemic. Yesterday, the same paper dished up out and out silence on the roots of VIP child abuse. Compare, contrast – and weep! more »

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Her name was Marta Ligman. Not the “body in the suitcase”

The BBC really struggles with the whole idea that women have names, even ones who have been murdered. Instead, the BBC online news chooses to use dehumanising terms like “body in the boot” for Claire O’Connor  “body in the suitcase” for Marta Ligman. Marta Ligman was a 23 year old woman whose body was found in more »

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Police “Safety” Campaigns: Institutionalised Victim Blaming

We’ve written on numerous occasions about the victim blaming and rape myths peddled by police, particularly in the run up to the festive season.  As we’ve said many times, the only people who can stop rape are rapists and effective anti-rape campaigns MUST be targeted at perpetrators, not victims. This poster is from Northern Ireland and more »

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170 Bikers Charged in Melee With Roots in ’60s

This is actually the title of an article* that the New York Times used to discuss the death of 9 people during violent gang warfare between rival motorcycle gangs. They have actually used the word ‘melee’ when prosecutors will be charging 170 with ‘engaging in organised crime linked to capital murder’. Whilst there is no more »

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The Sun’s Campaign to Save Refuges

We are conflicted about this campaign from The Sun. Raising greater awareness of domestic violence is absolutely essential. Far too many people believe that domestic violence is something that happens to “those women” and most rarely consider who perpetrators actually are. The media rarely gives accurate coverage to the reality of domestic violence: that 1 in 4 more »

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