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February, 2015

I despair of the BBC News website – reporting on Polanski (content note)

Severe CN: Child rape in explicit detail The BBC website reports on the Polish extradition hearing for Roman Polanski in the article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-31618390 In the very first paragraph, the BBC declares that the USA is seeking to extradite Polanski on charges of sex with a 13-year-old girl. No, BBC. An adult does not have sex more »

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It’s all in the body language – John Travolta at the Oscars 2015

I don’t follow the Oscars, it’s not my ‘thing’ but it’s difficult to avoid when you’re scrolling through Twitter. The one ‘thing’ that stood out from the talk of dresses and who won what and who was robbed … Was the behaviour of John Travolta towards the actors, Scarlett Johansson and Idina Menzel. You didn’t more »

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A ‘light-hearted look at who killed Lucy Beale’

BBC article: EastEnders: Lucy Beale’s killer – the likely suspects Having read the Counting Dead women project  I have come to understand that behind the statistics on the murders of women are the murdered women themselves. The women living their lives, striving for survival and happiness having their lives stolen by violent men. Karen Ingala more »

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The Government’s domestic policy on violence against women and girls is lagging behind its efforts abroad, says Human Rights Committee

We are publishing the full press release of the Joint Committee on Human Rights as we believe it needs to be read in full. Our organisation has serious concerns about the way austerity cuts are damaging specialist services working with women, children and men living with domestic and sexual violence and abuse. We believe that more »

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Mandatory training for judges in domestic and sexual violence and abuse.

Craig Whitelaw and Kristofer McLaren were convicted and sentenced to 9 years in prison for the rape of an 18 year old woman in Northallerton. In sentencing, Justice Males made it clear that both men made a choice to commit rape: But it was you, and only you, who deliberately took advantage of her condition, more »

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Sexual assaults not worth investigating

Another day another reason to be fucking angry. This time my fury is directed towards Greater Manchester Police and once again footballers who treat women with a lack of basic decency. I read the appalling story in the Independent on Sunday 8th February about a Manchester United player and a woman who had engaged in more »

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We urge a police investigation into Manchester United Players ‘Sex Tape’

We are very concerned about the story circulating in the media this morning concerning a number of Manchester United players. The Independent, among others, is reporting that several Manchester United players recorded an intimate sex act between another player and a woman without consent, and then shared the video with other teammates – again, without more »

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