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January, 2015

Sarah Vine and rape apologism

As a wise woman (who happened to be on twitter) once said, why this myth about a) women regretting sex and b) therefore claim to be raped because of regret. Women who regret sex think “that was shit” Sisterhood (@sisterhooduk) As someone who has had her fair share of crap sex – including that time when, midway through, my more »

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Violent man attacks wife. Media blame her breasts.

We’ve seen some really quite creative expressions of victim blaming during our campaign. Blaming a woman’s breast for her assault would definitely make our Top Ten list, if we ever made one. Graham Temple has been sentenced to 13 months in jail for physically assaulting his partner May Thomson. During the three years of their more »

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Poor Gary Glitter was in a “bad place”

Gary Glitter breaks down in tears over child abuse images This is the BBC’s write-up of Glitter’s trial: Gary Glitter broke down in tears as he explained to jurors why he had been in possession of child abuse images. Sobbing uncontrollably, the 70-year-old said he had been in a bad place in his life, and more »

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Former Lidl Manager who beheaded his wife after ‘snapping like a stick’ is jailed.

‘His wife’ was called Tahira Ahmed and in a report earlier today, ITV.com (among many others) appears to imply that the genetic and disabling condition that Tahira had to contend with called Morquio’s Syndrome was a reason or excuse for the repeated violence she endured in her marriage culminating in the deliberate and brutal attack more »

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Police and Domestic Violence: What we’re not talking about

Media coverage of the two unnamed police officers who referred to a woman who was experiencing domestic violence as a ‘fucking slag’ and a ‘bitch’ in a conversation recorded by her voicemail has been intense. Much of it has been very clear about issues with the first investigation made by West Midlands Police which led Alex more »

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My experience is with stalking,my ex husband X, is what is called a “simple obsessional stalker”, and it has taken a very expensive intervention from a Women rights solicitor,with a letter to X, and one to the Police,to make him stop, so now any outward following/stalking has ended, but he has ingratiated himself into my more »

FGM and Medical Ethics

Over the weekend, we had a very concerning conversation about FGM with a GP whose twitter bio is: East London GP, NIHR research fellow – medical education, ethics and professional behaviour. Patient advocate. Policy critic We’re not entirely sure how a GP who claims to be interested in medical education, ethics and professional behaviour can more »

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The Sun shifting the focus onto perp’s wife who stayed

Teacher Raped Pupil – so why does the Sun make it’s headline all about his wife? A recent Sun headline stated “wife stands by teacher hubby who fathered child with pupil”. Now, for a start, I’m already angry about newspaper reports telling us that teachers have had ‘relationships’ with pupils, instead of reporting the truth more »

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BBC describes a woman reporting rape as making a “confession”

On BBC iplayer the caption for an Eastenders episode when Linda tells the police she has been raped, and gives a video statement as “Linda makes a brave confession”. Confessing to the crime of being raped? I made a complaint but what has that ever changed? Anyone else got to the point they feel like more »

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