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December, 2014


We are taking a break until January 2nd to spend time with family and friends! We’ll be back in the New Year with some great new plans and a new campaign! We wish you all a lovely holiday season full of relaxation, kindness and the people you love. Download this post as PDF? Click here

Ronnie Moore of Hartlepool FC compares rape to a mistake

Ronnie Moore, the new manager of Hartlepool Football Club, has spoken publicly about his desire to sign convicted rapist Ched Evans. Our organisation does not support the signing of Evans to any football club. Footballers are privileged members of our society who have a duty as role models to young men and women. Ched Evans made more »

This is a scandal- but not in the way The Sun would have you believe.

‘Kids home girls in sex party shocker’ screams the front page of The Scottish Sun today, the behaviour of these young teen girls ‘a total disgrace’ according to one eye witness. Hang about.. What? Can we please just take a step back here? Firstly, the legal age of consent in Britain is 16 so those more »

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Open Letter To Channel 5

Dear Channel 5, I am writing to you regarding the programme you aired on the 8th May 2014, entitled ‘The OAP Killer: First Kill, Last Kill.’ I recently had the displeasure of watching it on ‘catch up’ and, unfortunately, it is still fresh in my mind. I appreciate that the subject matter is not meant more »

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Why I’m sceptical about the new domestic violence legislation (content note)

(cross-posted with permission from @LUBottom) The UK has bought into law, legislation regarding domestic violence and coercive and controlling behaviour. It seeks to tackle that insipid form of domestic violence whereby a partner is emotionally and financially abused. Where a person’s ability to go out, use the bathroom, spend their own money, or talk to more »

Looking at images of “child porn” is child sexual abuse

We have had a number of troubling comments submitted to our site following the publication of a letter of complaint to Channel 4 about their documentary “The Paedophile Next Door”. These comments follow the same pattern and all seek to minimise the crime of viewing images of children being sexually abused, raped and tortured. They more »

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Family Annihilators: Demonstrating the “complexities of relationships”

Oliver Ruse brutally murdered his ex-wife Deborah with an axe. He chose to use an axe in an attempt to decapitate her. He then committed suicide by jumping off a multi-storey car park. The Coroner Kevin McCarthy stated:  “Tragedies like this bring home to us all the complexities of relationships and the frailties of life.” more »

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Devon & Cornwall Police’s brilliant anti-rape campaign:

We spend so much time critiquing safety campaigns from police that blame women for being raped. They focus entirely on the victim and never mention the perpetrator. We’re really happy to this campaign from the Devon & Cornwall police making it clear that sex without consent is rape.We hope they allow other police forces to more »

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The Daily Mirror Continues to Report Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham Inappropriately

The cover of a recent edition of The Mirror: Girl, 13, told ‘your rape complaint will spoil the police doctor’s Sunday lunch’ The teenager was allegedly attacked in scandal-hit Rotherham and told her mother when she was drunk Firstly, Rotherham is not “scandal-hit”. This implies the city of Rotherham has been out committing petty theft more »

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