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November, 2014

DrinkAware? Some victim awareness too please!

In wider society, there is nothing inherently wrong with promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol. In a worst-case scenario alcohol becomes an addiction requiring medical treatment. However, there is much wrong with the latest campaign poster from DrinkAware, and the messages it promotes are harmful to girls and women, and a get out of jail more »

More on *that* Allison Pearson rape apology piece

As Jean Hatchet demonstrated in her brilliant post on everything problematic with Telegraph’s Allison Pearson’s rape victim-blaming piece, I thought I would add a couple more observations from her subsequent defense on twitter. “I have a friend who…” – Early on when defending herself on twitter she offered up “I have a friend who is more »

We cannot support Topshop’s new jewellery to raise money for the EDV Global Foundation

We were extremely disappointed to see designer Solange Azagury-Partridge’s new jewellery pieces which were created to raise funds for the End Domestic Violence Global Foundation. The End Domestic Violence Global Foundation helps support a number of very well-respected British charities working to end domestic violence and abuse, however, this image is simply not appropriate. It buys into myths more »

Breach of Anonymity by Sky

I was shocked to hear on 5Live radio on Friday morning that Sky had breached the anonymity of one of Max Clifford’s victims. It seems they had filmed the Appeal and had uploaded the clip to the internet but had failed to remove the mention of her name. Still they seem to have managed to more »

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wrongly blamed from social workers with little knowledge on the signs of emotional and psychological abuse

Being a victim of domestic abuse is one thing but when I requested supported for my child I was told they would make a referral. I asked for two years for the referral whilst suffering emotional and psychological abuse from my ex partner. Not only as a women are you expected to continue to safeguard more »

The Art of Discussing Dead Women

Popular folklore has it, that Eskimos have a hundred words for snow, and the Sami speakers of Norway have over a thousand words for, ‘reindeer.* Snow and reindeer play central roles in their culture so we are very ready to believe this. As it turns out, the Inuits actually make artful use of suffixes attached more »

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Complaint to the Metro about their reporting of the Rurik Jutting murders

I today sent the below complaint to the Metro, because I am sick of this type of irresponsible, misogynistic and lazy reporting. “I was absolutely appalled to read how the Metro had chosen to report on the double murder of two women in Hong Kong in this morning’s London edition. On both the front page more »

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The Rotherham report- an alternative view response.

It is with a heavy heart that I read the recently published article The Rotherham inquiry- An alternative view Honestly, after seeing the responses the article received from readers on social media I was expecting it to be an unpleasant article, what I wasn’t expecting was it to read like an all out victim blaming more »

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