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November, 2014

Campus rape and victim blaming

Currently in the United States, 55 colleges are under federal investigation for their mishandling of sexual assault cases. One of these institutions, the University of Virginia (UVA), was the subject of a recent report in Rolling Stone magazine, recounting the brutal gang-rape of a woman in a fraternity house, and her inability to get her more »

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Words will sometimes hurt me: how the BBC reinforces rape culture

I heard a fascinating piece on the PM show on Radio 4 last week about an internal English Language department, staffed by a handful of linguistic experts. Their job is to ensure the BBC’s published and broadcast news maintains high standards of grammatical accuracy and a consistently impartial, authoritative yet approachable, ‘tone of voice’ across more »

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Demanding a rape victim report to the police is abusive behaviour

We are increasingly concerned about demands for victims of rape and other forms of sexual violence to report to the police. We have seen this in response to both the allegations against Bill Cosby, as well as by “fans” of Ched Evans. Demanding that a woman report sexual violence is abusive behaviour. It holds women more »

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Marissa Alexander: Misreporting & Victim Blaming in Domestic Violence

Marissa Alexander has accepted a plea deal. This is the official statement from the Free Marissa website: Today, Marissa Alexander has chosen to accept a plea deal with the State of Florida.  The plea deal includes time served (1,030 days), an additional 65 days in Duval County Jail which will begin today, and two years of probation more »

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Child Assaulted at School by her Teacher a response to the BBC

One of the most poignant memories from my childhood is sexual assault aged 9 perpetrated by a ‘friend’ of my father’s whose children were my age, we played together, this means he knew my age. As I grew up there is no woman that I’ve met spoken to of these things who has not repeated more »

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Nick Conrad

There are days when I think journalists must live in a little community locked far far away from the people and issues they report on. I’m also pretty sure they must spend a lot of time reading their own notes and articles and nodding at their lovely jubbly cleverness rather than taking the nation’s pulse more »

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BBC Norfolk’s Nick Conrad Thinks He’s A Slave to His Penis

(cross-posted with permission) BBC Norfolk’s Nick Conrad Thinks He’s A Slave to His Penis and Blames Victims on #ChedEvans Discussion Nick Conrad of BBC Radio Norfolk “I’ve got to be so careful of what I say, I don’t want this to be explosive…”  As if enough idiocy and nonsense hadn’t been spoken already in relation to consent, rape more »

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How @CastlePromotion set the anti-domestic violence cause back decades

Update (admin) Castle Promotion have apologised and are withdrawing the product. The statistics tell the story. Violence against women is an epidemic worldwide – according to the UN, 35 per cent of women experience it. In the UK, seven women die at the hands of a current or former partner each month. In Australia, it’s more »

.@Telegraph blames a child for her sexual exploitation

Just to be clear I’m a single working parent with gcse’s in English and no higher english qualifications. I saw this headline and could tell straight away it was wrong and contributing to the victim blaming attitudes prevalent in society. It is a massive cause for concern that your journalists and editors can’t see this. more »

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