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September, 2014

Welcome to Patriarchy

Carole Malone is a journalist and has been for many, many years. Carole has moved from reporting facts to opinion – her own. This is very much celebrity culture in action. We no longer want to know what has actually happened. We want events to be sensationalised and spun. We want to hear the juicy, more »

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Top Writing Tips on How to Screw Women Over

David Griffin, aka Dave Lee Travis has been convicted of sexual assault. Another man, another offence against women; same shit, different day. Yet still, after millennia of male-on-female violence, there are those who believe it just can’t be that simple. These people are imbued with insight, experience and common sense that many of us don’t more »

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Forced Marriage: Who are the experts?

A member of our team recently attended the Forced Marriage: The Bigger Picture hosted by Shakti Women’s Aid. The conference itself was excellent with discussions on the criminal and civil laws of forced marriage legislation in England, Wales and Scotland as well the legal position of forced marriage as understood by the Home Office and Foreign and more »

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The Good Men Project

Recently, we were asked to share an article on domestic violence hosted by the Good Men Project. The article itself contained misrepresentations of the gendered nature of domestic violence and, as such, we would not have shared the article. However, we do have a policy of not sharing any articles published by Good Men Project more »

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@CRASAC : Price of Honour: Exploring the Issues of Sexual Violence within South Asian Communities in Coventry.

We attended CRASAC’s release of their new report: Price of Honour: Exploring the Issues of Sexual Violence within South Asian Communities in Coventry. We highly recommend this research for the information within but also as an example of good self-reflective practice. We have storified our live tweets of the release. Download this post as PDF? more »

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I’m 32 a mother. Went through the blame game through child hood. Left the country to escape from the misery and blame and it still has not stopped. I thought I would understand after having a baby but now i realise that it is not the same or normal and what I experienced is something more »

Forget race, forget gods, forget tracksuits, it’s men we know who abuse (CN images of convicted abusers)

Is it because they wear robes? Is it tracksuits? Fleeces? (Member of the Sydenham paedophile ring wearing a fleece) Is it because they wear plain clothes,  quite possibly jeans and a top? (Rotherham men jailed for child sex offences in 2010) Is it medals? Suits? (A former prep school teacher jailed for 10 years after admitting more more »

BBC uses language to minimise offence…again.

The BBC’s online news website yet again reduces a man’s abuse of a woman by applying poorly chosen vocabulary to describe a convicted criminal’s offensive behaviour. ‘Andrew Palfrey’s suspended sentence for sex-threat texts’ is the ascribed headline to a case where justice has failed to be served and threats depicting sexual violence and violence to more »

The Medical Profession Still Doesn’t Take Womens’ Mental Health Seriously

A doctor has been suspended for telling a patient to kill herself. The case has taken three years to come before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. It started in 2011 when a woman patient went to the doctor about her medication and suicidal ideation. The doctor told her to go home and kill herself. ‘Shocking, more »

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Melanie Shaw & the consequences of child sexual exploitation

By David E P Dennis FCIPD LCGI RAF The amount of child and adult sexual abuse being revealed is not an epidemic but a plague. Collusive behaviour by anyone in power who supports paedophilia enables secret abuse to go on. There is no mandatory reporting. Social Services are understaffed and underfunded and that state mirrors more »

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