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June, 2014

Girls should “stay out of harm’s way”. Yeah, no.

A few days ago I stumbled on this piece from Mercatornet: “Why taekwondo won’t save girls from date rape”, with the subheading, “What they really need is to stay out of harm’s way.” Sadly, it is not unusual to see the burden placed on women to not get raped rather than on men to refrain more »

Ben Blakeley: A known and repeated abuser of women

Details of the cross examination of witnesses in the trial of Ben Blakeley have emerged, revealing once more the pervasive victim-blaming in cases of domestic violence against women. A known and repeated abuser of women Blakeley, 22, is on trial for murdering of his pregnant, 17-year-old girlfriend, Jayden Parkinson, in December last year. Blakeley, who more »

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Jimmy Savile – Excuses, Cover-ups and Ignorance.

The information contained in the Jimmy Savile reports will not be a surprise to those who have been following this horrific case. Aside from sexually assaulting women & children who were both patients & staff of NHS facilities, it is clear that he sexually assaulted dead people – after being given unfettered access to the more »

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Sexual Pleasure & Orgasm during abuse and / or rape.

(Content Note – non-graphic description of sexual pleasure during sexual abuse) We’ve noticed a running trend in our website searches recently, and we wanted to address what appears to be a gap in the information our site provides. The topic is still considered ‘taboo’, and very rarely spoken about. We’d like to help change that, more »

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Victim Blaming: A response to a comment submitted to our site.

The following is a comment posted on our site. We have redacted all identifying information and have chosen not to link it to the original post. Instead, we’d like to address the victim blaming within the response. Obviously, the responder was upset to discover that what they felt was good advice was understood as victim more »

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Michael Fabricant, jokes, political correctness and context

(cross-posted with permission from Libertarian Lou’s Blog) Michael Fabricant doesn’t seem to take much seriously. So it’s not surprising to me that he thinks it’s a right old laugh to joke about punching a Muslim woman in the throat if she gets a bit too opinionated for his liking. As the defenders of ‘political incorrectness’ like to more »

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A punch in the throat.

As has been widely reported, Tory MP Michael Fabricant decided in his wisdom to publish a tweet where he declared that if he ever appeared on TV with Journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown he might want to “punch her in the throat.” As a survivor of domestic violence, and a woman who has been punched in the throat more »

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