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April, 2014

Newsnight coverage of the Max Clifford verdict

Dear Sue Douglas I watched you on Newsnight last night talking about the Max Clifford case. We heard in the report that he has been found guilty of eight indecent assaults on women and girls as young as 15. You failed to follow the National Union of Journalists guidance on how to cover violence against more »

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Oscar Pistorius drinking game

Spotted this on the ‘Overheard in Waitrose’ group on Facebook-a link to a Oscar Pistorius drinking game.. the rules being every time there’s a toilet break, you have to take four shots. It’s disgusting on many levels, tried to report the post but there was no link to report it as spam, unfortunately. The link more »

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I was subject to emotional neglect, abuse and violence as a child. I can’t talk about that in detail. I married an alcoholic. I did not understand what alcoholism was, or what it meant. I had to discover for myself just how capable my husband was of lying, stealing, manipulating and destroying my reputation. He more »

A Vindication of the Rights of Rapists?

A Vindication of the Rights of Child Rapists? “Promising Athlete Spared Jail for Oral Rape of a Child…” another day in the land of every day victim blaming. This poor athlete, who is worthy of our sympathy, narrowly out on a missing a jail cell. While the entire facts are not available, piecing them together, more »

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Writing to the Attorney General. Re: The Potential Unduly Lenient Sentence of Adam Hulin

Here is a draft letter to the Attorney General raising concerns about the unduly lenient sentence of Adam Hulin who pled guilty of the oral rape and sexual assault by penetration of a young girl under the age of 13 last month. You can find details on how to complain here and you can submit the complaint by more »

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BBC buys into rape culture…again

The BBC appear to be on a mission to uphold rape culture within our society at every opportunity. Every time I open an article about male violence against women there seems to be misinformation, misleading implications, inaccuracies, victim blaming and shifting the focus away from or minimising appalling male behaviour. This article  about a boy more »

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Attitudes Towards Sexual Violence Need To Change

Women have for a long time been blamed for the sexual violence they experience. There is often the perception that women who indulge in risky behaviour asked for it and therefore, do not deserve any sympathy. These attitudes are wide spread and were recently confirmed in a survey carried out by Amnesty International “Stop Violence Against Women” campaign more »

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National Stalking Awareness Day

National Stalking Awareness Day is Thursday April 24, 2014. This year’s campaign is entitled “Working Without Fear” which seeks to raise awareness and end workplace stalking. Stalking and the workplace: 1 in 20 callers to the National Stalking Helpline are stalked by a colleague or ex colleague. In a quarter of cases reported to our Helpline, more »

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