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March, 2014

Women’s History Month

“You feminists, you’re not happy with equality, are you?” a male colleague grumbled to me in the staff room. It was the perfect explanation of why we need International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, right there. One sentence, that’s all it took. Maybe it would be easier to comment if we did actually have more »


Moving Forward

Male violence against women and girls, commonly referred to by the acronym VAWG, is very much in the public consciousness right now. From campaigns fighting objectification (such as No More Page Three) to the high profile court case of Reeva Steencamp’s murder, it seems like open discussion and debate can be found at every turn. more »

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HMIC Report – Police Failing Women

This morning saw the release of the HMIC report on the failing by police forces to tackle domestic abuse. This is a national problem and the police are failing in their duty to protect the public. The number of women who experience domestic abuse are so high that it can be considered a pandemic. In more »

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HMIC Report into Domestic Abuse

The HMIC report into domestic abuse has been released today – and it contains few surprises to those working within the violence against women sector.Police forces fail when responding to domestic abuse – in fact, 4 forces have failed so badly that they have been asked to report separately in order to address their issues: more »

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RAINN – when support services fail to eradicate victim blaming attitudes

http://time.com/30545/its-time-to-end-rape-culture-hysteria/ Over the years I’ve had some concerns about the dialogue surrounding ‘rape culture’ – mainly that it can be used to articulate a message around sexual violence that blames ‘lack of education’ or ‘social attitudes’ without interrogating the role played by masculinity and patriarchy. So when I saw an article about RAINN, America’s national more »

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Children who ‘sell’ sexual services.

So an account that seeks to challenge the damaging myths and untruth about prostitution/sex work was a subject of controversy today. This time, it was a damaging myth about children who are raped. The tweeter from @whorephobia believes that children can be sexworkers. Their core belief is that people who choose sex work have agency more »

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Rape Culture: An Australian’s Perspective

As a man, reading anything about ‘Rape Culture’ is uncomfortable. As a husband and father of three daughters, reading any article that downplays the prevalence of a culture of rape is terrifying. So, it was with some reservation that I read Caroline Kitchens’ article from time.com (http://time.com/30545/its-time-to-end-rape-culture-hysteria/), claiming there is a rape culture ‘hysteria’. Granted, more »

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