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February, 2014

The “moral obligation” to report is rubbish!!

I’m angry. Actually, that’s not quite true; I’m furious! Why? Because some idiot prosecutor in the US thought it was OK to arrest and imprison a rape victim to force her to co-operate with the prosecution……AND THEN a woman who calls herself a feminist wrote an article saying THIS WAS AN OK THING TO DO!!!! more »

Compulsory testifying for victims of sexual and domestic violence is Antithetical to Victim-Centred Justice

We are very concerned about the recent article by Amanda Marcotte in Slate which approves of the arrest as a material witness of a victim of sexual violence in Washington. The specifics of the case Marcotte references are here, however, rather than addressing that  case in particular we want to make our position clear on more »

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An Open Letter to Amanda Marcotte (content note)

Admin: this piece is cross-posted from Nerd Grrrl Island An Open Letter To Amanda Marcotte [Note: I just came to learn that Amanda Marcotte herself is also rape victim. I’ll leave my piece as originally composed, as my feelings toward the views she espouses remain the same.] Dear Amanda, I know I’m only one in a more »

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