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December, 2013

Victims Surviving Labels

Like many others, I thought I had the terminology figured out. My understanding was that you start out as a victim.  That’s what you are when you’re being assaulted.  Then through some magical process you transform from victim to survivor & become brave & heroic: someone who is maybe even stronger than before. I actually developed a wince more »

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Twitter Block Function & Victim Blaming

I am really, really pleased that Twitter responded to the objections to their proposal for changes to the Block function by dropping them. I am. I’m happy that they listened to the mass reaction from their users, rather than persisting with a policy which appears to have been shaped around marketers who were frustrated by more »


An 11 year old girl has a “romantic” relationship with a 60 year old man

This is the reason given by Italy’s top appeals court to annul a 5 year sentence for child sexual abuse. Apparently, the 11 year old girl and a 60 year old were in a “romantic relationship” and the 11 year old is ” in love” with a 60 year old man. Details on the case more »

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Eve Ensler and “Congo Stigmata”

We were extremely distressed to read Eve Ensler’s article The Congo Stigmata in Talk this morning. We have grave concerns about her appropriation of the physical damage and trauma of Congolese women caused by gang rape with her own experiences of cancer. We encourage everyone to read this storify of tweets compiled Mikki Kendall which more »

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Festive police campaigns, rape and drink driving

At this time of year, it is usual for UK police forces to publicise their festive campaigns. We’ve done some research with the help of our twitter followers and the internet, and this is what we have found. We’ve picked out some highlights – some good, some bad and some absolutely dreadful and we’re hoping more »

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Violence against women, statistics and ignoring gender.

This post was triggered by a discussion on Twitter with a man to whom I gave the benefit of the doubt, but who turned out to be a troll. I had tweeted about how Clare’s Law – the new legislation that gives people the chance to find out if anyone has reported their partner for violent more »


Comparing Acquisitive Crime to Rape

The logic of victim blaming says that by being in a certain place, or wearing a certain thing, or consuming a certain substance, or being in a certain relationship, a woman has forfeited protections against violence. Placing responsibility with victims of sexual violence rather than perpetrators is an obvious and grotesque injustice to those who more »

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CITY HALL – 26TH NOVEMBER 2013 Good Afternoon, as you have heard I am a Rape Crisis service user and campaigner to end violence against women. I’d like to thank the Mayor’s Office for including survivor’s voices, not just today on this panel but also during the consultation process that led to the creation of more »

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How did The Times newspaper respond to a complaint?

One of our campaign supporters, @InHollysKitchen, wrote a complaint to The Times newspaper following their article written by Prof David Nutt, discussing alcohol. The image below was the main area of concern, specifically the comment ‘It’s the drug that’s going to get their daughter raped’: Holly emailed The Times feedback team – this is the more »


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