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October, 2013

The law has failed: what’s next?

One thing has become clear from following the @EVB_Now Twitter feed and reading the fantastic submissions on their blog – the law regarding consent does not work. Hardly a day goes by without us being treated to another horrific story of a rapist walking free because there is not enough evidence to prove conclusively that more »

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Dear LA Times, you mean child rape

Dear LA Times, You seem a bit confused in your article “O.C men Charged with having sex with underage girl”. What you mean to say was “O.C men charged with raping a child”. You see, sex requires the consenting participation of two people. A child of 13 can not legally consent to sex; therefore the more »

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Anti Rape Wear (content note)

I woke up this morning and checked my Twitter feed (which makes me seem very sad, but I was actually searching for details on the DW 50th anniversary screening… Not helping my case), when I saw a very heated debate being fought by feminist Roweena Russell and the EVB Campaign. Under normal circumstances, I don’t more »

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