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September, 2013

Switching Off Autopilot (A Tribute to the Therapeutic Quality of List-Making)

This is going to be my first blog post in two months. Since then, noteworthy things unrelated to my past have happened, but I don’t think I’m going to write about those just yet. I’m going to jump straight in with some thoughts on all the abuse I’ve suffered, and the multitudes of ways it more »

‘Predatory in all her actions’ – update from CPS

*Breaking News* Re: Language by Prosecutor in Neil Wilson case. We have received an email from the CPS. They will be issuing a formal statement next week about the language used by the prosecutor in the Neil Wilson case, following their internal investigation. Thank you for all your support in bringing this case to national more »

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A marketing disaster with an underlying message

One of Tuesday’s “big stories” was actually quite a small thing, that neatly encapsulated the twin issues of everyday sexism and victim-blaming in one short dawn til mid-day saga. This is the tale of Loughborough Taxi firm, ADT, who appeared to believe that a good way to drum up business from women was through the more »

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Liar Liar

I just don’t want to delve right into this topic because I’m in a pretty good space right now. However, I have read accounts of the ‘not guilty’ verdict for a British actor charged with rape and the cacophony of bull dust that has inevitably followed. People on twitter and Facebook demanded that the alleged more »

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Media Coverage of the Michael Le Vell Trial – Headlines

Headlines in the Le Vell Trial We have numerous concerns over the way the media has reported the Michael Le Vell trial. In this piece, we are looking at the way the headlines have supported a culture where “trial-by-media” and celebrity culture are more important that ensuring accurate representation of a trial or even ensuring more »

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Language used by Prosecutors

Monday 5th August. Neil Wilson appears at Snaresbrook Crown Court charged with 2 counts of making extreme pornography & 1 count of sexual activity with a child. Wilson pleaded guilty to all of the offences put before him. The prosecutor described the 13 year old as “predatory in all her actions, and she is sexually more »

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