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May, 2013

“I don’t believe it!”

I author a website concerned with child to parent violence: holesinthewall.co.uk. You might be interested in a post, written in January 2012, entitled “I don’t believe it!”. This discusses the way parents are not only held responsible for the abuse they suffer at the hands of their children, but are also sometimes directly punished for more »

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My Response to Nick Ross – How could I have prevented my rape?

This programme was broadcast on BBC Radio 5 Live on Sunday 26th May.  It will be available for a further 4 days. The programme hosts an interview with Nick Ross, followed by callers who discuss his article in the MoS and his claims about rape. Listen from 2:08.15 for Emily’s experience – courageously challenging the more »

Why Lucy can never be forgotten

Lucy Meadows gassed herself. The coroner said she died of carbon monoxide poisoning… This is a tragedy in itself, she was worth far more than that. She was a victim of the worst excesses of a press, particularly print journalism, obsessed with, how shall i put it? Deviance Lucy wasn’t deviant. She had a good, more »

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Bolton News Blames ‘binge drinking’ for sexual assaults

The Bolton News have a prime example of victim blaming in this article. Quotes from their article are in red. We have copied some quotes to save you clicking onto their website & generating hits. “What is being done to prevent teenage girls becoming sex crime victims” Clearly the article is going to focus on more »

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